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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about daily life. One of the biggest changes has been the increase in employees working from home. Some people thrive while working at home; others struggle to stay productive. At home there may be more distractions for some, or less distractions for others. Some employees may have their own home office with a closing door, while others are doing their best to work in a bedroom or at the dining room table. If the kids are at home instead of school, that’s another potential difficulty. 

If you’re a manager or in human resources, you may find it difficult to help your employees navigate this difficult working situation. Here are some tips and suggestions to give your employees on how to be productive while working from home. 

Check-in Daily With Your Employees

Establish a system for checking in, whether it’s a daily zoom meeting, an email, or phone call. It helps your employees feel valued and encouraged while also helping them feel a sense of accountability, that they need to be carrying out the responsibilities of their job even while they are at home. 

Encourage Employees to Set Up Home Offices

Not everyone has the space at home for a dedicated office. But encourage your employees to use whatever space is available in their home to set up a workspace that is specifically used for work. Suggest that they don’t work on the busy kitchen table with all the hustle and bustle around them, but maybe in the formal dining room that nobody uses. Encourage them to use whatever space is available to the best of their ability. 

Give Them the Tools They Need at Home

Make sure you provide your employees with the equipment they need to work at home. This may include computers, office supplies, printers, software, and even furniture. Working from home may require some different tools that were not needed in the office. Listen to your employees and get them what they need (within reason, of course). 

Be Available for Support

Just be available. Tell your employees how to contact you and when. Make sure they feel comfortable coming to you for the support they need to do their job, even if they can only communicate remotely. 

Enforce a Dress Code 

It can help some employees to feel more motivated if they are encouraged to dress for work. The dress code doesn’t have to be as formal as it would be in the office, but it should be more than just pajamas. This is especially important if employees are on video calls with others. 

Help Employees Utilize Their Benefits 

Health and wellness is just as important now as it was when employees were in the office. Mental health issues are on the rise as a result of the social isolation some are experiencing due to the pandemic. 

Employee assistance programs often include emotional counseling, education on nutrition and fitness, motivational and encouraging emails, among other resources. These can go a long way toward improving the quality of life and productivity of your employees. 

Encourage your employees to take advantage of their health benefits. Consider making additional benefits available to them during this difficult time. Speak with your current benefits provider or a new insurance provider about options for employees working from home. 

Help Your Employees Feel Valued With Help From Norgard Insurance Group 

If you’re looking for new benefits options for your employees to help them be more productive working from home, Norgard Insurance Group offers a variety of options. Group health insurance for small business is just one of the many benefits we offer. When employees feel that they are valued and appreciated, they are motivated to work hard and be a productive member of the team. 

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