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Enjoy the Peace of Mind that Comes from Superior Insurance Coverage

Both individuals and companies alike can benefit from having quality insurance. If you’re not an insurance expert, the industry can seem impossibly complicated. The good news is that you don’t have to navigate the confusing world of insurance on your own.

Whether you need a health benefits package to provide your employees with comprehensive coverage or a life insurance package to assist your loved ones in the event of a tragedy, our company can provide you with the assistance you need. We can also help you manage employee relations, improve existing benefits packages, and protect your identity from thieves. We are a versatile resource ready to serve you!

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Health Insurance

Navigating the health insurance market has never been more complicated. But whether you’re shopping for health care coverage for yourself or your employees, you’ll be glad you called Norgard Insurance Group for help. We know the laws, the options, and how to make health insurance work for anyone.
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Life Insurance

Nothing leads to greater worry than wondering how your loved ones will fare after you die. Nothing squelches that worry better than having a life insurance policy in place. Make it easy to provide for your final expenses and take care of your family financially by getting a sound life insurance policy.
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Employee Benefits

Every company is different, and your particular needs and budget have to factor into the equation when you’re shopping for employee benefits insurance packages. Having a conversation with an employee benefits expert can save your business big on your premiums, and cut your compliance headaches down to size.
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Medicare Supplements

Medicare will never cover all of the medical care you need. It’s a help to have Medicare coverage, but Medicare supplements are the best way to close the gap between what’s covered and what you’re responsible to pay. Spending hours or days researching your options probably isn’t what you’d most like to do – that’s why we’d love you to call us.

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Voluntary Benefits

Inadequate insurance coverage can leave you hanging when you need help most. That’s one reason so many Florida residents and companies pay for voluntary benefits to supplement their other insurance. Ask the voluntary benefits experts with the Norgard Insurance Group for information about the add-ons you need.
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Payroll / Employee Leasing

Tired of trying to handle payroll, employee benefits, and Human Resources in-house? It’s never been more complicated to keep your company in compliance. That’s why so many companies are looking for employee leasing and outsourced payroll solutions. Talk to us about how professional employer organizations (PEOs) can help.

Identity Theft Protection

Every 3.5 seconds, someone’s identity is stolen. Identity theft is a credible threat these days, and it can lead to months of hassle, financial challenges, and worse. If you’ve had your identity stolen, you need help. We can help you recover – and we can also help you protect yourself in the first place.

How Can Norgard Insurance Group Help You?

Protecting against hardships and ensuring employees get the coverage they need can be complicated, but our industry experts have the experience needed to make it easy to get what you need, as affordably as possible. Contact us online or call (813) 454-5072 today to find out more!